Why you should get your roof professionally cleaned

We know that we need to keep our windows clean and our gutters clear to improve the look of our homes and offices. But have you ever thought about cleaning your roof? Your roof is an incredibly important structural part of your home. You need to look after it to prevent damage and maintain the look of your property.

However, this shouldn’t lead you to get up a ladder and pressure wash your roof tiles! Roofs need to be cleaned in a manner suited to the type of tiles you have. A professional roof cleaner will check the structure of your roof and suggest the best course of action to clean your roof in the safest way. Make sure you find a roof cleaner in Bristol who can do the job properly.

So, what are the other reasons you should clean your roof regularly?

Avoid the cost of roof repairs

Your roof can get a build up of algae and moss that discolours your roof tiles and affects the appearance of your property. Cleaning away this debris prevents any build up and can also expose any problems you may not have noticed with the tiles. This can help you stop a problem before it gets worse.

Regular maintenance will extend the life span of your roof, ensuring that the tiles and other roofing materials are in good condition.

Removes harmful debris

Roofs can be covered in leaves and twigs that can get underneath the tiles and cause issues, including the loss of tiles in bad weather. Moss and algae can grow in the gaps between tiles if left untreated, and can again get underneath tiles and cause damage. Algae in particular can be harmful to certain types of tiles, causing them to become thin and brittle. Your roof is also exposed to poor air quality from cars and other environmental factors that can damage the surface of your tiles and reduce their lifespan.

Stop problems before they start

Your tiles are an integral part of the roof structure so you need to keep them in the best condition you can. Regular cleaning prevents a build up of debris that can harm your roof and stops problems escalating to a point where your roof is not able to protect you as it should.


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