5 Reasons why you shouldn’t pressure wash your roof

Pressure washers are great. They can help you clean your patio and driveway easily. When your roof needs clean you may be tempted to use a pressure washer for the job. However, roof tiles need to be looked after and blasting them with a pressure washer could cause more harm than good. Here are the reasons why.

It decreases the life span of your roof tiles

The strength of the water from a pressure washer can remove the granular finish of your roof tiles. This finish is specially designed to gradually wear off over the years. By removing it with pressure washing you can decrease the life span of your roof tiles as they can become thin and brittle. This means they will need to be replaced sooner.

Risk of leaking into roof space

When you use a pressure washer on a roof there is the risk of leaking or even flooding into your loft. There are often small gaps or cracks in your roof tiles that the force of water could escape into. The pressured water jet can penetrate past the overlap of the tiles and enter the roof space. There have been horror stories of companies blasting a roof with a pressure washer which then leaked through the roof felt and soaked into the loft insultation.

Tiles can be loosened or break

Pressure washers shoot out a powerful force of water which can loosen old or already slightly loose shingles. Too much pressure could even remove the roof tiles completely! Pressure washing can also damage the bonding between tiles.

It could void your roof manufacture warranty

If you have a roof with an extended warranty you need to check the exclusions. These exclusions often include the use of high-pressure washers on your roof, because of the high risk of causing damage.

Pressure washing can actually spread the moss further!

Power washing can just spread the moss and algae you are trying to remove to other areas of your roof. This does not help you keep your roof clean and free of debris.

Why scrapping tools are best

We use angled roof demoss scrapping tools to safety remove moss without having to access the roof. Less foot traffic on the roof means there is less risk of damage to the tiles. Our gentle but effective cleaning method allows us to make your roof look it’s best without causing any concerns.

Use a professional

Regular professional roof cleaning will maintain the appearance of your roof and prevent the build up of damaging moss and algae. We will always assess your roof before undertaking any work and advise the best way to safely and effectively clean the space. We are fully insurance professionals to give you peace of mind.

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