What insurance should my roof cleaner have?

When looking for a roof cleaner one of the most important things to check is what level of insurance they have. A quick Google search will give you a list of results for roof cleaning companies stating they are “fully insured”, but is that really true? It is vital that you dig a little deeper into the insurances they hold, because it may not cover them for roof cleaning.

Check your roof cleaner has specialist insurance for roofs

Many companies will have general cleaning insurance that covers them for standard, on ground cleaning. However, there is always a danger with being on a roof, at height. Because the liability is greater roof cleaning is not always covered by general, low level, cleaning insurance. Specialist insurance is required for this type of activity. If a roof cleaner is up a ladder on your roof, without the correct insurance, you could be liable for an accident or any damage that occurs.

We pay a higher premium to have specialist insurance to cover us and you. Where required we use scaffolding to access roofs and have specialist insurance to cover us when using this equipment at height.

They must have protection against damage to your property

Damage to a roof is rare. But if the worst occurs our insurance covers us if your roof is damaged during the cleaning process. This is highly unlikely but it gives you peace of mind to know we are covered if any accidents occur. It is important to check your roof cleaner has this insurance in place before they start.

Protection against accidents or injury

There is always an element of risk when accessing roofs. We have insurance to cover us if someone is injured whilst walking past us as we work or if any of our staff are injured whilst cleaning a roof.

Check your roof cleaner’s insurance

When a roof cleaner comes to give you a quote always ask about their level of insurance. It is vital that you know exactly what insurance your roof cleaner has before you agree to any work. Make sure they can prove they have the right cover for high level cleaning. This will ensure that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a clean roof.
If you don’t and something happens you could end up with costly damage to your roof and few options to help you fix it.

We take every precaution to keep everyone safe

We would never cut corners when it comes to the safety of our staff and customers. Our insurance is comprehensive and reflects all the work we undertake on roofs.
We use specialist equipment and highly skilled staff to transform your roof. Removing moss and debris will help prolong the life of your roof and prevent structural damage.

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